Slides by Type of Vessel

The list below contains the slides in the NJHDA Holdings by type of vessel.
Call Number Vessel Name Vessel Type
SL_McKenzie Signature McKenzie Signature (signature)
SL_Cecil P. Stewart 01 Cecil P. Stewart Barkentine
SL_Cecil P. Stewart 02 Cecil P. Stewart Barkentine
SL_Bertha Bertha Barque
SL_Fortuna 01 Fortuna Barque
SL_Fortuna 02 Fortuna Barque
SL_Fortuna 03 Fortuna Barque
SL_Invermay Invermay Barque
SL_Italia Italia Barque
SL_Sindia Sindia Barque
SL_Vesuvius 01 Vesuvius Cruiser
SL_Vesuvius 02 Vesuvius Cruiser
SL_Aristocrat 01 Aristocrat Fishing Trawler
SL_Aristocrat 02 Aristocrat Fishing Trawler
SL_Wreck Of Scotland Wreck Of Scotland Lightship
SL_Augustina Augustina Sailer
SL_Charles K. Buckley 02 Charles K. Buckley Sailer
SL_Charles K. Buckley 01 Charles K. Buckley Sailer
SL_Dora Baker Dora Baker Sailer
SL_Etta M. Tucker Etta M. Tucker Sailer
SL_Laura Bridgeman Laura Bridgeman Sailer
SL_Wabamo Wabamo Sailer
SL_City Of Georgetown City Of Georgetown Schooner
SL_Dorothy B. Barrett Dorothy B. Barrett Schooner
SL_Jacob M. Haskell Jacob M. Haskell Schooner
SL_Mabel Thomas 01 Mabel Thomas Schooner
SL_Mabel Thomas 02 Mabel Thomas Schooner
SL_Mark Gray 01 Mark Gray Schooner
SL_Mark Gray 02 Mark Gray Schooner
SL_Carroll Carroll Schooner Barge
SL_Artensis 01 Artensis Ship
SL_Artensis 02 Artensis Ship
SL_Cornelius Grinnell Cornelius Grinnell Ship
SL_Ellen Austin 01 Ellen Austin Ship
SL_Ellen Austin 02 Ellen Austin Ship
SL_Admiral Dupont Admiral Dupont Sidewheeler
SL_Almirante Almirante Steam Freight
SL_Arundo Arundo Steam Freight
SL_Astra Astra Steam Freight
SL_Chaparra Chaparra Steam Freight
SL_Rusland Rusland Steam Pass/Freight
SL_Sumner 01 Sumner Steam Pass/Freight
SL_Sumner 02 Sumner Steam Pass/Freight
SL_Sumner 03 Sumner Steam Pass/Freight
SL_Mohawk Mohawk Steam Passenger
SL_Santiago De Cuba Santiago De Cuba Sidewheeler
SL_Walker Walker Sidewheeler
SL_Frederick R. Kellogg Frederick R. Kellogg Tanker
SL_Gulf Trade Gulf Trade Tanker
SL_India Arrow India Arrow Tanker
SL_Maurice Tracy Maurice Tracy Tanker
SL_Oklahoma Oklahoma Tanker
SL_R. P. Resor R. P. Resor Tanker
SL_Varanger Varanger Tanker

Last Updated on 05/13/01
By D. Lieb