Book by Subject

The list below contains the books in the NJHDA Holdings by subject (see Code Description).
Label Title Author  
ARCH- Discovery 1778 - Captain James Cook and the Peoples of the Pacific    
ARCH-ARNO The Nautical Archeology of Padre Island Arnold Weddle  
ARCH-BASS A History of Seafaring Bass  
ARCH-BASS Archaeology Beneath The Sea Bass  
ARCH-BASS Archaeology Under Water Bass  
ARCH-BASS Ships and Shipwrecks of the Americas Bass  
ARCH-BURG Gold Galleons and Archaeology Burgess  
ARCH-CHAN Rethinking Archeology Chang  
ARCH-CLAR The Treasure of The Great Reef Clarke  
ARCH-COOP Survey of Submerged Cultural Resources in Northern Door Country Cooper  
ARCH-CUMM Underwater Archaeology - The Proceedings of the 11th Conference on U/W Archaeology Cummings  
ARCH-DANI A Short History of Archeology Daniel  
ARCH-DAVI Treasures of the Aquarians (humor) Davis & Stone  
ARCH-DICK Structure and Process in Southern Archeology Dickens & Ward  
ARCH-DIOL 4,000 Years Under The Sea Diole  
ARCH-EDIG The Well of Sacrifice Ediger  
ARCH-FALC 1600 Years Under the Sea Falcon-Barker  
ARCH-FLEM Cities in the Sea Flemming  
ARCH-FRYE The Search For The Santa Maria Frye  
ARCH-GOUL Shipwreck Anthropology Gould  
ARCH-GRAN The Visible Past Grant  
ARCH-GREN Waterlogged Wood Grenoble  
ARCH-HEST Field Methods in Archeology Hester, Heizer & Graham  
ARCH-HOLM Diving Into The Past Holmquist & Wheeler  
ARCH-JAME The Archeology of Ancient Egypt James  
ARCH-JENK The Tombigbee Watershed in Southern Prehistory Jenkins & Krause  
ARCH-LYTT Waves Across The Past Lyttle  
ARCH-MUCK Archeology Under Water Muckelroy  
ARCH-MUCK Maritime Archaeology Muckelroy  
ARCH-MULL Versunke Schiffe-Gehobene Schatze Throckmorton  
ARCH-PETE History Under The Sea Peterson  
ARCH-PETE History Under The Sea - Various Sections Peterson  
ARCH-PHIL The Building of Boats Phillips-Birt  
ARCH-PINN Underwater Archeology Pinney  
ARCH-RACK Diving Into The Past - hard cover Rackel  
ARCH-RACK Diving Into The Past - soft cover Rackel  
ARCH-RAIS Principals of Cartography Raisz  
ARCH-REYN 1973 Seminar in Maritime and Regional Studies Reynolds & McAndrew  
ARCH-SHA Underwater Arch Proceedings, SHA Conf 1987 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
ARCH-SHA Underwater Arch Proceedings, SHA Conf 1988 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
ARCH-SHA Underwater Arch Proceedings, SHA Conf 1989 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
ARCH-SHA Underwater Arch Proceedings, SHA Conf 1993 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
ARCH-SMIT Asia and North America Transpacific Contacts - Memoirs of the Society For American Archaeology Smith  
ARCH-SMIT Vanguard of Empire - Ship of Exploration in the Age of Columbus Smith  
ARCH-SPD Undersea Treasures Special Publications Division  
ARCH-STEF Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks Steffy  
ARCH-THOM Predicting the Past - An Introduction to Anthropological Archaeology Thomas  
ARCH-THRO Diving For Treasure Throckmorton  
ARCH-THRO Shipwrecks & Archaeology - The Unharvested Sea Throckmorton  
ARCH-THRO The Sea Remembers Throckmorton  
ARCH-WHEE Great Discoveries in Archeology Wheeler  
ARCH-WILK Nautical Archaeology Wilkes  
ARCH-WILK The Handbook of Underwater Exploration St. John Wilkes  
ART-BREU The Coast of Oregon Breuer & Jensen  
ART-CORD Nicholas Pocock - Conways Marine Artists Cordingly  
ART-HEND Jack Tar - Marine Art & Antiques - A Sailor's Life Henderson & Carlisle  
ART-HENR Early Maritime Artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast Henry  
ART-STEI Seascape Stein  
BIOG-BRAD Under Tops's and Tents Brady  
BIOG-BUEL The Quiet Warrior - A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance Buell  
BIOG-COOL Benjamin Franklin Tracy Cooling  
BIOG-DEBE Captain of the Ile De Beaudean  
BIOG-FERG Truxtun of the Constitution Ferguson  
BIOG-LEWI Matthew Fontaine Maury - Pathfinder of The Seas Lewis  
BIOG-MORI Admiral of The Ocean Sea Vol. I Morison  
BIOG-MORI Admiral of The Ocean Sea Vol. II Morison  
BIOG-RILE Riley's Narrative Betts  
BIOG-ROBE Of Whales and Men Robertson  
BIOG-SAND From Reefer to rear-Admiral Sands  
BIOG-SPEC Admiral of the New Empire - The Life and Career of George Dewey Spector  
BIOG-WILL One Whaling Family Williams  
BIOL-ABBO Seashells of North America Abbott  
BIOL-BRIG 200,000,000 Years Beneath The Sea Briggs  
BIOL-COUS Life and Death in a Coral Sea Cousteau  
BIOL-COUS The Silent World Cousteau  
BIOL-COUS World Without Sun Cousteau  
BIOL-DUGA World Beneath The Sea Dugan  
BIOL-MCCL McClane's Standard Fishing Encyclopedia McClane  
BIOL-PARK The World You Never See: Underwater Life Parks  
BIOL-READ Secrets of the Seas: Marvels and Mysteries of Oceans and Islands Readers Digest  
BIOL-RICC Killers of the Sea: The Dangerous Creatures that Threaten Man in an Alien Environment Ricciuti  
BIOL-SHEP The Earth Beneath The Sea Shepard  
BIOL-SPD The Ocean Realm Special Publications Division  
BIOL-SPD World Beneath the Sea Special Publications Division  
BIOL-SPD World Beneath the Sea Special Publications Division  
BIOL-WEIC Representative Chordates Weichert  
BIOL-WEIS The Science of Biology Weisz  
CONF- Historical Archeology, 1967 Annual Publication  
CONF- Historical Archeology, 1969 Annual Publication  
CONF- Sea Breezes Vol. 42    
CONF- Sea Breezes Vol. 43    
CONF- Sea Breezes Vol. 44    
CONF- Sea Breezes Vol. 47    
CONF-NMHS Sea History, Spring 1992 Nat. Maritime Historical Soc.  
CONF-OAH The Journal of American History, Vol. 76, No. 1 Org of American Historians  
CONF-SHA 1985 SHA Meeting    
CONF-SHA 1987 SHA Meeting    
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, 1992, Vol. 26, No. 1 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, 1992, Vol. 26, No. 2 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, 1992, Vol. 26, No. 3 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, 1992, Vol. 26, No. 4 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, 1993, Vol. 27, No. 1 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, 1993, Vol. 27, No. 3 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, 1993, Vol. 27, No. 4 Soc. for Hist. Arch.  
CONF-SHA Historical Archeology, Vol. II, 1968 Annual Publication  
CONF-SHA Program and Abstracts, 1986 Annual Meeting Conf. on U-water Arch.  
CONST-CHAP Boat Building Chapelle  
DIVE-ANRC Lifesaving: Rescue and Water Safety Amer. Nat. Red Cross  
DIVE-BALL Exploring the Titanic Ballard  
DIVE-BERG Shipwreck Diving Berg  
DIVE-BLAI Diving For Pleasure and Treasure Blair  
DIVE-BROW The Golden Sea: Man's Underwater Adventures Brown  
DIVE-CNCA The New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving CNCA  
DIVE-DUEK Medical Aspects of Sport Diving Dueker  
DIVE-EDMO Diving Medicine Edmonds, McKenzie, Thomas  
DIVE-FARL Baja California Diver's Guide Farley  
DIVE-GENT Advanced Wreck Diving Guide Gentile  
DIVE-GENT Advanced Wreck Diving Guide Gentile  
DIVE-GENT Ultimate Wreck Diving Guide Gentile  
DIVE-JOHN Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Florida's East Coast Johnston  
DIVE-MILE Underwater Medicine Miles & Mackay  
DIVE-NOAA The NOAA Diving Manual Diving for Science and Technology    
DIVE-OWEN A Manual For Free Divers Owen  
DIVE-RESE Scuba Safe and Simple Reseck  
DIVE-RESE Scuba Safe and Simple Reseck  
DIVE-SCOT Scott Hydro-Pak Instructions & Parts Catalog    
DIVE-SILV Lifesaving and Water Safety Today Silvia  
DIVE-SULL The Completed Book of Skin & Scuba Diving Sullivan  
DIVE-TITC Handbook for Professional Divers Titcombe  
DIVE-USD Kirby Morgan KMB-Band Mask-10 U.S. Divers  
DIVE-YOUN The New Science of Skin and Scuba Diving Young  
ENG- Naval Auxiliary Machinery - 1929    
ENG- Ocean Science and Ocean Engineering Vol. I    
ENG- Ocean Science and Ocean Engineering Vol. II    
ENG-BAKE Principles of The Basic Mechanisms Baker  
ENG-BROW Ships Brown  
ENG-DESM Naval Architecture Simplified Desmond  
ENG-DESM Wooden Ship-Building Desmond  
ENG-FREN Engineering Drawing French  
ENG-FREN Engineering Drawing and Graphic Technology French and Vierck  
ENG-LATH Marine Engines and Equipment Latham  
ENG-LEHM Guide for the Preparation of Patent Drawings Lehman  
ENG-NPS HABS/HAER 1992 Annual Report NPS  
ENG-PAAS Paasch's Illustrated Marine Dictionary Paasch  
ENG-USNA Physics Manual for The Instructions of Midshipmen US Naval Academy  
ENG-WICK Rapid Perspective Wickham  
ENG-WOLD Engineering Alloys Woldman  
FICT-BRIN The Ninety and Nine Brinkley  
FICT-DODS Away All Boats Dodson  
FICT-MELV Redburn - The Writings of Herman Melville Redburn  
FICT-WOOD The Bomb Vessel Woodman  
GEN- A Coloring Book of Ships    
GEN-ROSC A Cruising Guide to The Southern Coast Roscoe & Blanchard  
GEN-SCAR Things That Sail Scarry  
GEN-WOOD Beachcombing The Pacific Wood  
GEN-ZAFF The Big Book of Real Boats and Ships Zaffo  
HIST- Harper's New Monthly Magazine Vol. LXIV    
HIST- Newspaper Clippings and Articles About the Wreck of the New Era    
HIST- Our Early Navy    
HIST - LEGG Trafalgar - An Eyewitness Account of a Great Battle Legg  
HIST-ALBI Naval and Maritime History Albion  
HIST-ALBI Square Riggers on Schedule Albion  
HIST-ALBI The Rise of new York Post Albion  
HIST-ALLE Our Navy and the West Indian Pirates Allen  
HIST-ALLE The Port Chicago Mutiny Allen  
HIST-BALL The Discovery of the Bismarck Ballard  
HIST-BALL The Discovery of the Titanic Ballard  
HIST-BARK Pearl Harbor Barker  
HIST-BATH British Warships 1845 - 1945 Bathe  
HIST-BECK Folklore & The Sea Beck  
HIST-BERM The Encyclopedia of American Shipwrecks Berman  
HIST-BONS Great Shipwrecks of the 20th Century Bonsall  
HIST-BOWE Lore of The Lakes Bowen  
HIST-BROW John Paul Jones Brown  
HIST-BROW U.S. Merchant Vessel War Casulalties of World War II Browning  
HIST-BROW Warship Losses of World War Two Brown  
HIST-CARS The River Men Carse  
HIST-CARS The River Men Carse  
HIST-CASS The Ancient Mariners Casson  
HIST-CHAP The History of American Sailing Ships Chapelle  
HIST-CHAP The History of The American Sailing Navy Chapelle  
HIST-CHAP The Search for speed under Sail Chapelle  
HIST-CHAR Mid-Atlantic Shipwreck Accounts Charles  
HIST-CHAR New Jersey Delaware Pennsyvania Shipwreck Accounts Charles  
HIST-CHIC Gipsy Moth Circles The World Chichester  
HIST-CLAR A Short History of The US Navy Clark, Stevens, Alden & Krafft  
HIST-CLEA Voyage to The Southern Ocean Cleaver & Stann  
HIST-CLIN Exploring The Great Basin Cline  
HIST-COGA New Interpretations in Naval History Cogar  
HIST-COGG Prepare to Dive Coggins  
HIST-COGG Ships and Seamen of the American Revolution Coggins  
HIST-COLE The American Naval heritage In Brief Coletta  
HIST-COMA Time Tide and Timber Coman & Gibbs  
HIST-CROW Journals of Hezekiah Prince Jr. Crown  
HIST-CUSS The Sea Hunters Cussler  
HIST-CUSS The Sea Hunters Cussler  
HIST-CUTL Queens of the Western Ocean Cutler  
HIST-DANA Two Years Before The Mast Dana  
HIST-DAVI A Navy Second to None Davis  
HIST-DAY Pirates of The Pacific Day  
HIST-DEPT U.S. Naval History Sources in the United States Dept. of the Navy  
HIST-DEPT United States Naval Administrative Histories of World War II Dept. of the Navy  
HIST-DEPT World War II Histories & Historical Reports in the U.S. Naval History Division Dept. of the Navy  
HIST-DIBB Antebellum Pensacola and The Military Presence Dibble  
HIST-DOEN Versatile Guardian - Research in Naval History Von Doenhoff  
HIST-DOWN Broken Spars New Jersey Coast Shipwrecks 1640-1935 Downey  
HIST-DYE McLoughlin and Old Oregon (note dedication) Dye  
HIST-EIFE Of Men and Rivers Eifert  
HIST-ELLS Captain Paul Commander Edward Ellsberg  
HIST-ERSK Twenty Years Before The Mast Erskine  
HIST-FABE Shipwreck & Adventures of M. Pierre Viaud Fabel  
HIST-FITZ The US Navy and The Vietnam Conflict Marolda Fitzgerald  
HIST-FLET Recording Your Family History Fletcher  
HIST-FORE Admiral Hornblower in The West Indies Forester  
HIST-FOWL Under Two Flags - The American Navy in the Civil War Fowler  
HIST-FRAN A Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America Franchere  
HIST-FREE Submarine Operations in World War II Freeman  
HIST-FRII United States Polar Exploration Friis  
HIST-FROS We Built a Navy Frost  
HIST-GARI The Republics Private Navy (American Privateering 1812) Garitee  
HIST-GIBB Disaster Logs of Ships Gibbs  
HIST-GOSS The History of Piracy Gosse  
HIST-GRAH The Spanish Armadas Winston Graham  
HIST-GRAY The National Waterway - A History of the Chesapeak and Delaware Canal, 1769-1965 Gray  
HIST-HAGA In Peace and War - Interpretations of Naval History, 1775-1984 Hagan  
HIST-HAGA This People's Navy - The Making of American Sea Power Hagan  
HIST-HATC The Great Lakes Hatcher  
HIST-HAVI Voices on the River Havinghurst  
HIST-HERM Peoples, Seas and Ships Herman  
HIST-HICK The War of 1812 Hickey  
HIST-HIGG The Nineteenth Century Series - Naval Battles Higginson  
HIST-HOEH The Last Voyage of the Lusitania Hoehling  
HIST-HOFF Saved! - The Story of the Andrea Doria - The Greatest Sea Rescue in History Hoffer  
HIST-HOLM Double-Edged Secrets - US Naval Intelligence Operations in the Pacific during WWII Holmes  
HIST-HOOP World War II Naval Administrative Histories Hooper  
HIST-HOWA New York and the China Trade Howard  
HIST-JEAN Evaluation of Engineering - Cultural Resources: Lock No. 3 - Coosa River, Alabama Jeane  
HIST-JOHN Bering Sea Escort - Life Aboard a Coast Guard Cutter in World War II Johnson  
HIST-JOHN Far China Station - The US Navy in Asian Waters 1800-1898 Johnson  
HIST-JOHN Maritime New York in Nineteenth-Century Photographs Johnson & Lightfoot  
HIST-JOHN Schooners Out of Coos Bay Johnson  
HIST-JUDS Admiral Christopher Columbus Judson  
HIST-KAHN Seizing The Enigma Kahn  
HIST-KANE Arctic Explorations Kane  
HIST-KITT Naval Lessons of The Great War Kittredge  
HIST-KLAC Admiral William Shepherd Benson First Chief of Naval Operations Klachko  
HIST-KNOX A History of The US Navy Knox  
HIST-LANG Social Reform in The US Navy, 1798-1862 Langley  
HIST-LONG Gold Braid and Foreign Relations - Diplomatic Activities of USN Officers 1798-1883 Long  
HIST-LORD A Night To Remember Lord  
HIST-LORD Incredible Victory Lord  
HIST-LOTT Ship Losses U.S. Navy - 1775 thru 1955 Lott  
HIST-LUBB The Western Ocean Packets Lubbock  
HIST-MAAS The Terrible Hours Maas  
HIST-MAHA The Life of Nelson The Embodiment of The Sea Power of Great Britain Mahan  
HIST-MALL The German Navy in World War Two - A Reference Guide to the Kriegsmarine, 1935-1945 Mallmann Showell  
HIST-MANN US Coast Survey vs. Naval Hydrographic Office - A 19th-Century Rivalry in Science and Politics Manning  
HIST-MANW Mutiny - The Floating Republic Manwaring & Dobree  
HIST-MART Historic Point Pleasant Martin and Hassett  
HIST-MATT The Defeat of The Spanish Armada Mattingly  
HIST-MCAU Battle of The Bismarck Sea McAulay  
HIST-MCCO The Historical Collection of Insurance Co. of North America McCosker  
HIST-MCKA South Street: A Maritime History of New York McKay  
HIST-MCMI TITANIC Fortune & Fate McMillan & Lehrer  
HIST-METH Up & Down The Beach Methot  
HIST-MILL Our Inland Seas - Their Shipping and Commerce for Three Centuries Mills  
HIST-MOOD Official Records of The Union and Confederate Navies in The War of The Rebellion Moody  
HIST-MORG Puget's Sound Murray Morgan  
HIST-MORI John Paul Jones Morison  
HIST-MORI Maritime History of Massachusetts 1783-1860 Morison  
HIST-MORI The Two-Ocean War - A Short History of the US Navy in the Second World War Morison  
HIST-NAVY Historic Ship Exhibits Navy Department  
HIST-NEID Great Shipwrecks and Castaways Neider  
HIST-NI Naval History, Fall 1988 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Spring 1988 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Spring 1989 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Spring 1992 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Summer 1988 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Summer 1993 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Winter 1988 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Winter 1989 Naval Institute  
HIST-NI Naval History, Winter 1992 Naval Institute  
HIST-ORIT I-Boat Captain Orita & Harrington  
HIST-PALM A History of the Modern World Palmer & Colton  
HIST-PALM Origins of The Maritime Strategy - The Dev of American Maritime Strategy, 1945-1955 Palmer  
HIST-PARK Journal of an Exploring Tour Parker  
HIST-PAUL American Voyages to The Orient Paullin  
HIST-PAUL The Navy of The American Revolution Paulin  
HIST-PETH First Approaches to The Northwest Coast Pethick  
HIST-PONK Ships, Seas, and Scientists - US Naval Exploration and Discovery in the 19th Century Ponko  
HIST-POPE At Twelve Mr. Byng Was Shot Pope  
HIST-POTT Triumph In The Pacific - The Navy's Struggle Against Japan Potter & Nimitz  
HIST-PUTN Salem Vessels and their Voyages - Series I Putnam  
HIST-PUTN Salem Vessels and their Voyages - Series II Putnam  
HIST-RATT The Perils of the Port of New York - Maritime Disasters from Sandy Hook to Execution Rocks Rattray  
HIST-RICK Eminent Americans - Namesakes of the Polaris Submarine Fleet Rickover  
HIST-ROHW Axis Submarine Success 1939 - 1945 Rohwer  
HIST-ROOS The Naval War of 1812 Roosevelt  
HIST-ROSS Arctic Whalers, Icy Seas Ross  
HIST-SACH The Wreck of the Ship New Era Sachse  
HIST-SACH The Wreck of the Ship New Era Sachse  
HIST-SACH The Wreck of the Ship New Era (Newpaper clippings and articles about)    
HIST-SAVA Great Storms of the Jersey Shore Savadove & Buchholz  
HIST-SCHR Shaping a Maritime Empire Schroeder  
HIST-SEIB Shipwrecks and Legends Round Cape May Seibold & Adams  
HIST-SEIB Shipwrecks Near Barnegat Inlet Seibold & Adams  
HIST-SEIB Shipwrecks Near Barnegat Inlet Seibold & Adams  
HIST-SEIB Shipwrecks Off Ocean City Seibold & Adams  
HIST-SHAW Full Fathom Five - A Book of Famous Shipwrecks Shaw  
HIST-SHEE The Arnheiter Affair Sheehan  
HIST-SHIR The Sinking of The Bismarck Shirer  
HIST-SHOM Shipwrecks on the Chesapeake Shomette  
HIST-SIMP The Lusitania Simpson  
HIST-SMIT The Smithsonian Journal of History, Winter 68-69 Editorial Board  
HIST-SMUC The Life of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane Smucker  
HIST-SPRI Steamboats in Monmouth County: A Gazetteer Springate  
HIST-SPRO The Rise of American Naval Power Sprout  
HIST-STAN The Great United States Exploring Expedition (of 1842) Stanton  
HIST-STAR The Influence of Sea Power on Ancient History Starr  
HIST-STIL American Sea Power in The Old World Still  
HIST-STOK Navy & Empire Stokesbury  
HIST-STRO We Were There With Byrd At The South Pole Strong  
HIST-SWEE New Interpretations in Naval History Sweetman  
HIST-TARR Battlecruiser Invincible Tarrant  
HIST-TAYL Documenting Maritime Folklife Taylor  
HIST-TAZE Newport News Shipbuilding The First Century Tazewell  
HIST-THOM Raiders of the Deep Thomas  
HIST-THOM Royal Admirals Thomas  
HIST-THOM Shipwreck - The Strange Fate of the Morro Castle Thomas & Witts  
HIST-TILY The Uniforms of The United States Navy Tily  
HIST-VAN The Atlantic Campaign Van Der Vat  
HIST-VILL Captain James Cook Villiers  
HIST-VILL Falmouth for Orders Villiers  
HIST-VILL Wild Ocean Villers  
HIST-VIOL Magnificent Voyagers Viola & Margolis  
HIST-WALK Song of the Clyde - A History of Clyde Shipbuilding Walker  
HIST-WERN Iron Coffins Werner  
HIST-WEST A History of Sea Power Stevens Westcott  
HIST-WHEE Prelude to Pearl Harbor Wheeler  
HIST-WILL Maritime Memories of Puget Sound Williamson & Gibbs  
HIST-WILL The Harnessing of the Black Warrior River Willis  
HIST-WINT The Forgotten Fleet Wintin  
HIST-ZIMM Impressment of American Seamen Zimmerman  
LAW-DUCK The Principles of Marine Law Duckworth  
LAW-HOGG Compilation of Laws Hogg  
LAW-ROBI Robinson on Admiralty Robinson  
LSS-ALBE Old Harbor Life-saving Station Albee  
LSS-HOFF The U. S. Life-saving Service: An Overview History (Look inside HIST-MERR) Hoffman  
LSS-MERR The United States Life-saving Service - 1880 Merryman  
LSS-RYDE Old Harbor Station Ryder  
LSS-SHAN The U. S. Life-saving Service Shanks & York  
MARI-BALC The Overlook Illustrated Dictionary of Nautical terms Blackburn  
MARI-CARS Great American Harbors Carse  
MARI-CHAP Trouble On Board - The Plight of International Seafares Chapman  
MARI-CLAR Ford's Freighter Travel Guide Clark  
MARI-FARR US Maritime Policy Bess Farris  
MARI-GARO Stowage Handling and Transport of Ship Cargos Garoche  
MARI-GATE Sentinels of the Shore Gately  
MARI-HAML Ships Hamlyn  
MARI-JOHN Maritime New York Johnson & Lightfoot  
MARI-JOHN Maritime New York Johnson & Lightfoot  
MARI-LEIG Seaport on the Willamet Leigh  
MARI-LEVE The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor Larry Lever  
MARI-MORT The Wind Commands - Sailors and Sailing Ships in the Pacific Morton  
MARI-NORD The Lore of Ships Nordbok  
MARI-NORD The Lore of Ships Nordbok  
MARI-ROSS Towboat River Rosskan  
MARI-SAWY The Merchant's and Shipmaster's Guide Sawyer  
MARI-STAN The Ships That Brough Us So Far - An Account of the Ship Preservation Movement Stanford  
MARI-SWNN John Roach, Maritime Entrepreneur Swnn  
MARI-THOR Trade Unions of Licensed Officers in the Maritime Industry Howard Andrew Thor  
MARI-VILL Modern Mariners Villers  
MARI-VILL The Way of a Ship Villers  
MARI-WORD Cargoes Worden  
MISC- The Wilson Quarterly - Winter 1993    
MISC-ALEX Museums in Motion Alexander  
MISC-ANDE From Map to Museum Anderson  
MISC-BROW Coins Brown  
MISC-BURC Introduction to Museum Work Burcaw  
MISC-COOK Around the World on the Franconia 1930 Cunard Line  
MISC-CRMU The Bottles of Old Sacremento, Part 1 Cultural Resource Mgmnt Unit  
MISC-DAVI English and Irish Antique Glass Davis  
MISC-DAVI English Bottles & Decanters 1650-1900 Davis  
MISC-DOLZ Porcelain Dolz  
MISC-EDWA Sharks and Shipwrecks Edwards  
MISC-FRAN The Student Anthropologists Handbook Frantz  
MISC-GARR Modern Metal Detectors Garrett  
MISC-GIBB Oregon's Salty Coast Gibbs  
MISC-GPO US Government Publications on The Pacific States, 1930 GPO  
MISC-HAYD Chats on Old Silver Hayden  
MISC-HUGH English and Scottish Earthenware Hughes  
MISC-JONE Elementary Concepts of Mathematics Jones  
MISC-KLAM Marine Antiques Klamkin  
MISC-MARK Ceramics from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha Marken  
MISC-MCDA Granville Island Guidebook McDaniel & Griffiths  
MISC-MILL New York Silversmiths of The Seventeenth Century Miller  
MISC-MOST Analytic Trigonometry Mostert  
MISC-MUNE Intermediate Algebra Munem & Tschirhart  
MISC-POSN Archives and The Public Interest Posner  
MISC-RIES Standard Seamanship for the Merchant Service Riesenberg  
MISC-SCHU Plane Geometry Schultze & Sevenoak  
MISC-SEIB Legends of Long Beach Island Seibold & Adams  
MISC-STRU Agyptisches Museum Berlin    
MISC-TYAR Travel Routes Around the World Tyarks, Ford, Drouet, Robinson  
MISC-USCG Boating Skills & Seamanship US Coast Guard Auxiliary  
MISC-USDOT Container Cargo Stowage Manual - 1982 US Dept. of Transportation  
MISC-VOLL Silk Roads-China Ships - An Exhibition of East-West Trade Vollmer  
MISC-WALK Wind and Strategy Walker  
MISC-WATS Stamps & Ships Wason  
MISC-WEBS Webster's Nineth New Collegiate Dictionary Merriam-Webster  
MISC-WILF The Mapmakers Wilford  
MISC-WILL Elementary Mathematics Willerding  
MISC-WILS Analytic Geometry Wilson and Tracey  
MISC-WOOD Indian Trade Goods Woodward  
MODEL-BREW Shipcarvers of North America Brewington  
MODEL-PRAT A Notebook For Ship Model Builders Pratt  
MODEL-WRIG Model Ships Wrigley  
NAVAL- Naval War College Review (various issues)  
NAVAL-ALBI Makers of Naval Policy Albion  
NAVAL-ARCH The Fighting Ship in The Royal Navy - 897-1984 Archibald  
NAVAL-BAER One Hundred Years of Sea Power Baer  
NAVAL-BANT New Naval Phraseology Banta  
NAVAL-BEAC The United States Navy Beach  
NAVAL-BNP Naval Orientation Bureau of Naval Personnel  
NAVAL-BROD A Layman's Guide to Naval Strategy Brodie  
NAVAL-CALV The Naval Profession Calvert  
NAVAL-COLE American Secretaries of The Navy Vol. I Coletta  
NAVAL-COLE American Secretaries of The Navy Vol. II Coletta  
NAVAL-CORB Some Principles of Maritime Strategy Corbett  
NAVAL-CORR Engage The Enemy More Closely - The Royal Navy in the World War Correlli Barnett  
NAVAL-COS Military Intelligence Identification of British Naval Ships Chief of Staff  
NAVAL-COS Military Intelligence Identification of US Naval Vessels Chief of Staff  
NAVAL-DELA Naval Historical Foundation Manuscript Collection: A Catalog Delany  
NAVAL-FRII US Small Combatants Friiedman  
NAVAL-GOOD Rope Yarns from the Old Navy Goodrich  
NAVAL-HENS Commissioners and Commodores Henson  
NAVAL-HENS Commissioners and Commodores Henson  
NAVAL-HOYT Destroyers Foxes of The Sea Hoyt  
NAVAL-HUGH Fleet Tactics Hughes  
NAVAL-JOHN Welcome Aboard Johnson  
NAVAL-KEEG The Price of Admiralty Keegan  
NAVAL-LWEI Naval Power & Trade Lewis  
NAVAL-MACL Reminiscences of The Old Navy Maclay  
NAVAL-MANN The Old Navy Admiral Daniel P. Mannix 3rd.  
NAVAL-NAN Naval Aviation News - 50 Years of Carriers Naval Aviation News  
NAVAL-NESS Our Many-Sided Navy Nesser  
NAVAL-NESS Ship Names of The US Navy Nesser  
NAVAL-PEAR The US Navy in Pensacola Pearce  
NAVAL-PRAT Preble's Boys Pratt  
NAVAL-STRA Stars and Spars Strauss  
NAVAL-SYMO Navalists and Antinavalists Symonds  
NAVAL-TUCK Arming the Fleet Tucker  
NAVAL-UHLI How Navies Fight Uhlig  
NAVAL-WARL Naval Aviation Warlick, Grant  
NAVAL-WEIR Forged In War Weir  
NAVI-DEVE Practical Navigation for the Yachtsman Devereux  
NAVI-USCG Chronology of Aids to Navigation and the Old Lighthouse Service USCG  
OCEAN-BREI Marine Magnetics Search Breiner  
OCEAN-BURC List & Catalogue of The Publications Issued By the US Coast & Geodetic Survey Burchard  
OCEAN-COG Hydrospace Frontier Beneath the Sea Coggins  
OCEAN-COUS Captain Cousteau's Underwater Treasury Cousteau & Dugan  
OCEAN-COUS Jacques Cousteau: The Ocean World Cousteau  
OCEAN-COUS The Ocean World of Jacques Cousteau Vol. 1 Oassis in Space Cousteau  
OCEAN-EARL Exploring the Deep Frontier: The Adventure of Man in the Sea Earl & Giddings  
OCEAN-EARL Exploring the Deep Frontier: The Adventure of Man in the Sea Earl & Giddings  
OCEAN-FLEM The Undersea Flemming  
OCEAN-FRAZ Water Current Meters Frazier  
OCEAN-FREU The Book of The Seven Seas Freuchen  
OCEAN-MAUR The Physical Geography of The Sea Maury  
OCEAN-PICC Seven Miles Down Piccard & Dietz  
OCEAN-ROSS Introduction to Oceanography Ross  
OCEAN-SCIE The Ocean Scientific American, Inc.  
OCEAN-THOM Sealab I: A Personal Documentary Account Thompson  
OCEAN-USN The Ocean Engineering Program of the U. S. Navy Oceanographer of the Navy  
OCEAN-VILL Oceans of the World Villiers  
OCEAN-WALL The Deep Sea Wallace  
SALV- The International Treasure Hunter International Treasure Hunting Society  
SALV-BART Mud, Muscle, and Miracles Bartholomew  
SALV-BRAN Marine Salvage Operations Brandy  
SALV-CAYF Underwater Work Cayford  
SALV-DALE Treasure Daley  
SALV-GRIS The Lost Treasure of The Concepcion Grissim  
SALV-MARK The Capture of The Treasure Fleet marx  
SALV-PETE The Funnel of Gold Peterson  
SALV-TRUP Tracking Treasure - Romance & Fortune Beneath the Sea and How to Find It! Trupp  
STEAM- Marine Steam    
STEAM-BATH Steamships: Merchant Ships to 1880 Bathe  
STEAM-BISC Naval Reciprocating Engines Bischoff  
STEAM-COLL Boilers Piping Pumps Collins  
STEAM-FLEX Steam Boats Come True Flexner  
STEAM-HOFM The Steam Yachts Hofman  
STEAM-MORR History of American Steam Navigation Morrison  
STEAM-OWEN Steamboats and The Cotton Economy Owens  
STEAM-TCP Naval Turbines The Collegiate Press  
STEAM-USN Marine and Naval Boilers US Naval Institute  
STEAM-WARD Steamboats - A History of Early Adventure Ward  
VESSEL- Nonsuch    
VESSEL-ATKI The Viking Ships Atkinson  
VESSEL-BAKE From Paddle Steamer to Nuclear Ship Baker  
VESSEL-BAKE Running Her Easting Down Baker  
VESSEL-BALD The Keelboat Age on Western Waters Baldwin  
VESSEL-BALL The Discovery of The Bismarck Ballard  
VESSEL-BALL The Discovery of The Titanic Ballard  
VESSEL-BARB Cruise of The Snap Dragon Barbour  
VESSEL-BENN Schooner Sunset - The Last British Sailing Coasters Bennet  
VESSEL-BENS Steamships and Motorships of the West Coast Benson  
VESSEL-BLAC The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ships & Boats Blackburn  
VESSEL-BRAY The Story of Ships Braynard  
VESSEL-CANN US Coast Guard and Revenue Cutters 1790-1935 Canney  
VESSEL-CONF The Monitor - Its Meaning and Future Conference Papers  
VESSEL-CUDA Over & Back, The History of Ferry Boats Cudahy  
VESSEL-CUTL Greyhounds of the Sea Cutler  
VESSEL-DAVI American Sailing Ships: Their Plans and History Davis  
VESSEL-DOWN The Cruise of The Portsmouth Downey & Lamar  
VESSEL-DUGA The Great Iron Ship Dugan  
VESSEL-DUNN Merchant Ships of The World in Color 1910-1929 Dunn  
VESSEL-GABO House Boats Gabor  
VESSEL-GIBB Pacific Square Riggers Gibbs  
VESSEL-GIBS The Story of the Ship Gibson  
VESSEL-GREE The Merchant Schooners Greenhill  
VESSEL-GREE The Schooner Bertha L. Downs Greenhill & Manning  
VESSEL-GREE The SS Great Britain and the Coming of Steam Nav. Greenhill  
VESSEL-GUTH The Sea Bright Skiff Guthorn  
VESSEL-HARD You and Your Ships Hardy  
VESSEL-HORG Old Ironsides Horgan  
VESSEL-JEAN Jersey Sailing Ships Jean  
VESSEL-JOHN The Sea-Craft of Prehistory Johnstone  
VESSEL-KLIN Ferryboats - A Legend of Puget Sound Kline & Bayless  
VESSEL-LYTL Merchant Steam Vessels of the United States 1790-1868 Lytle-Holdcamper  
VESSEL-LYTL Merchant Steam Vessels of the United States 1790-1868 Sup 1 Lytle-Holdcamper  
VESSEL-LYTL Merchant Steam Vessels of the United States 1790-1868 Sup 2 Lytle-Holdcamper  
VESSEL-LYTL Merchant Steam Vessels of the United States 1790-1868 Sup 3 Lytle-Holdcamper  
VESSEL-McCA Titanic McCaughan  
VESSEL-MCKA Donald McKay and His Famous Sailing Ships McKay  
VESSEL-MILL Stern-Wheelers Up Columbia Mills  
VESSEL-MONS H.M. Corvette Monsarrat  
VESSEL-MOOR Yachts In a Hurry Moore  
VESSEL-MORR Schooners and Schooner Barges Morris  
VESSEL-NEVI Directory of Steamboats with Illustration and Lists of Landings onů Neville  
VESSEL-OWSL The C.S.S. Florida Owsley  
VESSEL-PETS The Steamboat Bertrand Petsche  
VESSEL-RUBY Ferryboats on the Columbia River Ruby, Brown  
VESSEL-RUTT Way's Steam Tugboat Directory Rutter  
VESSEL-SMIT Ship Plan List Maritime Collection Smithsonian Institution  
VESSEL-STER U.S.F. Constellation: "Yankee Racehorse" Sternlicht & Jameson  
VESSEL-WEIR Building American Submarines 1914-1940 Weir  
VESSEL-WOOD The Voyage of the Water Witch Wood  
VESSEL-ZECK Mississippi Sternwheelers Zeck  
WRECK-BACH Scuba Northeast II Bachand  
WRECK-BASC Deep Water, Ancient Ships Bascom  
WRECK-BERG Bermuda Shipwrecks Berg  
WRECK-BERG Long Island Shore Diver Berg  
WRECK-BERG New Jersey Beach Diver Berg  
WRECK-BERG Wreck Valley Berg  
WRECK-BERG Wreck Valley Vol. II Berg  
WRECK-BURG Sinkings, Salvages and Shipwrecks Burgess  
WRECK-BURG Sinkings, Salvages and Shipwrecks Burgess  
WRECK-CAFI Sunken Treasures - The World's Greatest Shipwrecks Cafiero  
WRECK-FARB Shipwrecks Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic Farb  
WRECK-GENT Andrea Doria Dive to an Era Gentile  
WRECK-GENT Shipwrecks of Delaware and Maryland Gentile  
WRECK-GENT Shipwrecks of New Jersey Gentile  
WRECK-GENT Shipwrecks of New Jersey - Central Gentile  
WRECK-GENT Shipwrecks of New Jersey - North Gentile  
WRECK-GENT Shipwrecks of New Jersey - North Gentile  
WRECK-GIBB Pacific Graveyard Gibbs  
WRECK-GIBB Shipwrecks in Paradise Gibbs  
WRECK-GIBB Shipwrecks of The Pacific Coast Gibbs  
WRECK-HEMM Ships Gone Missing - The Great Lakes Storm of 1913 Hemming  
WRECK-KAAS Oregon Greyhound of the Atlantic Kassman  
WRECK-KEAT Dive Into History - Vol. 1: Warships Keats & Farr  
WRECK-KEAT Dive Into History - Vol. 3: U-boats Keats & Farr  
WRECK-KEAT Dive Into History Volume 2, U.S. Submarines Keatts & Farr  
WRECK-KEAT Guide to Shipwreck Diving: New York & New Jersey Keatts  
WRECK-KROT Shipwrecks Off the New Jersey Coast Krotee  
WRECK-MARS California Shipwrecks Marshall  
WRECK-MARX Shipwrecks in the Americas Marx  
WRECK-MARX Shipwrecks of the Western Hemisphere Marx  
WRECK-MCCA Thirty Florida Shipwrecks McCarthy  
WRECK-MORR Exploring Shipwrecks Morris & Rowlands  
WRECK-MORR Shipwrecks in New York Waters Morris & Quinn  
WRECK-MORR Shipwrecks in New York Waters Morris & Quinn  
WRECK-NEWE SOS North Pacific Newell  
WRECK-NJHD The Site of the "Elberon Wreck" Lieb  
WRECK-NJHD The Site of the "Monmouth Beach Wreck" Lieb  
WRECK-NOAA USS Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Management Plan NOAA  
WRECK-OGIL Shipwrecks of The Battle of Yorktown Ogilby  
WRECK-OSBO The Wreck of The Brooklyn Osborne  
WRECK-PATE British Columbia Shipwrecks Paterson  
WRECK-SHEA Lost Voyages Sheard  
WRECK-STIC Graveyard of The Atlantic Stick  
WRECK-WEST A Guide to Shipwreck Sites Along The Oregon Coast West  
WRECK-WOLF Lake Superior Shipwrecks Wolff  

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